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Our offer is an answer to the needs of the most demanding customers from a variety of industries, mainly automotive, but also construction and machine manufacturing.
Our services are comprehensive: from surface preparation, through the application of a suitable electrolytic coating to the application of a protective coating and sealing.
We offer electrolytic zinc coating in acid or alkaline baths
in barrel and rack machines:

  • acid bath electroplating,
  • alkaline bath electroplating,
  • zinc – nickel in alkaline alloy bath
  • zinc – iron in alkaline alloy bath.

We are able to finish the coating with passivation:

  • transparent without Cr +6
  • black without Cr +6
  • yellow without Cr +6
  • white tinged with blue without Cr +6

For all coatings, various types of seals are possible, enhancing corrosion resistance.
In addition we offer:

  • technical consultancy in the field of services performed and preparation of parts for electrolytic machining,
  • execution of zinc coatings in accordance with the requirements of Polish and foreign standards, and customers’ technical requirements.

* Services are valued individually, depending among other things on coating thickness, base quality, lot size, etc.  For the valuation of goods, please contact us.